• Senior Portraits

  • Have your portrait taken professionally, or do it yourself with a digital camera in a setting that reflects your personality.

  • Meaningful props can be useful for conveying your personality and interests. Common prop examples include: a football helmet, a musical instrument, a snowboard, etc).

  • Photos need to be taken in high resolution. *3mb-5mb preferred. The image needs to be in portrait format. (vertical)

Senior Portrait Options...

1. Go with a local professional photographer. Call immediately to schedule your appointment.

a. Cindy Fiester www.FiesterPhotography.com/
b. James Steed www.SteedPhoto.com
c. Jill Ballinger

d. Google Search
2. Go to a department store in the valley to get a studio portrait

3. Have a friend, family member, or neighbor take your photo

4. Have a yearbook staff member take your photo.

5. Notify Mr. Bothwell if you would like to use your school photo( by Lifetouch).

NOTE:Shooting photos with personal props in a meaningful location can make all the difference.


Upload your high-resolution(300 res.) photo to the MCHS yearbook website via the link on the MCHS homepage (*preferable), or submit your print copy to Mr. Bothwell in Room 7.

Any questions? Email: